Guitar Repairs, Modifications and Restorations

  • “I feel fortunate to have such a skilled luthier available to work on my guitars. Trevor is a rare professional who combines an unusually high level of skill with reliable and friendly service. No matter what my guitars need, Trevor is the first person I turn to. We’re lucky to have him in our community.”
    Paul F.
  • Trevor Healy is a true master. I have been bringing my basses to him for several years now, and his work consistently blows me away. Not only do my basses play and sound better than I thought possible, but his work holds up. This is especially important to someone who plays with a multitude of artists like I do. And when I'm in the studio, my instruments must be perfect all the time which is why I trust Trevor. And he's a great guy, too!    ”
    John O.
  • I have had Trevor do some troubleshooting and repair work on a few of my instruments and he has always done a fantastic job. He's knowledgable, patient and thorough. I have a few more things on my list, so he’ll be hearing from me again before too long…  ”
    Steve I.
  • Whether repairing cracks in my 20+ year old Martin, replacing the nut & setting up my Epiphone archtop, or rewiring my 1988 PRS solid body's tone & pickup circuit,Trevor has always done exemplary work on my instruments. He communicates clearly & comfortably when diagnosing & outlining options, & prices are very reasonable. His handmade guitars are glorious to play. Highly recommended all around! 
    Robby R.
  • Sonelab has 15 guitars and they're all maintained by Healy Guitars. Trevor's work is unparalleled and his range of knowledge is why he's our go-to. He rebuilt the nut  anchor and re-threaded the truss rods on my 1974 Rickenbacker 4001, repaired the headstock and re-set the neck on my 1973 Guild S-100, and straightened the neck and re-fretted my 1941 Martin 000-18, among many other "oddball" guitars. I've been lucky enough to record many of the guitars built by Trevor: electrics and acoustics alike are all amazing in their tone, function, and custom options. 
    Justin Pizzoferrato – Owner of Sonelab
  • I brought Trevor my ’72 Strat for a much needed re-fret, nut and setup. He took the time to ask me about my playing style and preferences to make sure everything was dialed in perfectly for me on the first shot when I picked it up. He even went above and beyond to side shim and color match the original sloppy 70’s neck pocket!
    Scott L.
  • Trevor Healy is a thoroughly accomplished, elegant luthier. I bring all my guitars to him because I love his work, trust his knowledge, and enjoy his company.
    Jeffrey Foucault


Healy Guitars offers full service repairs on electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Our goal will always be to listen to your concerns and advise you on the best course of action to get your guitar back to top level performance.


Many things can go wrong after years of wear and tare on an instrument. The stresses of string tension, temperature and humidity changes, or simply neglect can all factor in when we consider what caused a bridge to lift or a brace to come un-glued. We take great care in evaluating each project that comes into the shop so we can determine the correct course of action to fix each problem.