Meet The Makers

Trevor Healy

Founder & Luthier

I have been building and repairing guitars since 1999, and have served the community here in Western Massachusetts since opening Healy Guitars in 2011. Nearly every week I see an instrument that surprises me in some way, forcing me to take a different perspective than the last project. These surprises reinvigorate my love for this work and keep me on my toes for when the next challenge is revealed. Getting to play each and every guitar that comes through the shop after even the simplest set-up, is its own reward too.

Sander Weston


Sander came to us from Canada after an apprenticeship and subsequent employment with the great luthier Sergei De Jong. The time spent honing his acoustic guitar making skills along side Sergei has served him well, and he’s been diving headfirst into building acoustic and electric bodies and necks here the at the shop. When Sander is not at the shop he’s out walking with his new son Wynn, and working on his own Weston brand acoustic guitars.

Calvin Parent


Calvin joined us in 2016 with lots of enthusiasm to learn and quickly formed a solid foundation of skills. He now handles many of our day to day repairs and modifications and has a great knowledge of even the most esoteric of vintage guitars. As our resident lefty, Calvin works on many of the left handed guitars too, and surprises us daily with nearly equal dexterity playing right handed guitars upside down. Calvin also plays guitar in the band Carinae, playing their own individual brand of psych-rock.

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