Set Neck Construction

The set neck is our preferred method of construction for the Healer, offering great tonal transfer to the body using hot hide glue. We also offer a bolt-on version, which has virtually the same neck joint and is always fit by hand before and after finish to maintain as tight a joint as possible. The heel of both style necks is thicker to help prevent the inevitable “flip” in the upper frets after years of string tension.

Chambered Body

Most instruments are chambered on each half of the body to achieve a lighter weight and more acoustically resonant instrument. There is a center block running the length of the body for stability, balance, and tone. The chambered instruments generally weigh between 6.5 – 7.5 lbs.


  • “I love my custom Healy guitar. It plays so beautifully that I can play it for hours and lose track of time. If you want a truly custom built guitar that is suited to your specific needs, Healy guitars is a great way to go. Trevor pays meticulous attention to the fine details and has a masterful level of expertise on guitar components and building. In a landscape filled with custom guitars builders, some with good social media hype but that over promise and under deliver, Healy guitars is very special find. I'm glad that Roger Sadowsky recommended Healy Guitars to me and I will love this guitar for the rest of my life.”
    Bauback Y.
  • I have been playing guitar for around 25 years. I have owned many guitars made by Gibson, Fender, PRS and even other custom built instruments. None of them compared to the quality and playability of my Healy Healer. So much so that I sold off most of them to fund the purchase of a second Healer, which I now referred to as the Healer Bird. Along with the amazing build quality, Trevor is an amazing person and just a joy to work with. He cares so much about his craft and it shows in every single detail in every single guitar he builds and repairs. I feel totally comfortable telling anyone I meet that Trevor makes the best guitar out there, period.
    Bill B.
  • Trevor is the THE BEST. My Healy Healer is a truly special, inspired instrument filled with up to its name. It delivers in every way imaginable...feel, tone, intonation, stability...all of it. It is always a pleasure working with Trevor on every detail of a custom build, modification or repair. His craftsmanship and creativity are second to none! 
    Andy S.

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