Set Neck Construction

The set neck is our preferred method of construction for the Healer, offering great tonal transfer to the body using hot hide glue. We also offer a bolt-on version, which has virtually the same neck joint and is always fit by hand before and after finish to maintain as tight a joint as possible. The heel of both style necks is thicker to help prevent the inevitable “flip” in the upper frets after years of string tension.

Chambered Body

Most instruments are chambered on each half of the body to achieve a lighter weight and more acoustically resonant instrument. There is a center block running the length of the body for stability, balance, and tone. The chambered instruments generally weigh between 6.5 – 7.5 lbs.


  • You know what I dig about this bass? It's warm in the lows, and has a nice upper mid focus. It's not at all too much on the treble side. This guy is right in my wheel house. The TV Jones Thundertrons retain the low warmth, but have the definition in the mid's just where I like it! It’s an incredibly beautiful instrument, built from 60+ year old birch that I found in the attic of my uncles business. So appreciative that Trevor took on this build.
    Dan R.

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