In July of 2015 I completed a guitar commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Tompkins Square Record Label. Read more about it here


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Healy Guitars is committed to creating quality handmade instruments. Each guitar is crafted and voiced to suit the players needs and desires. I draw inspiration from my favorite vintage guitars to create modern instruments with a nod to tradition in design, construction, and tone. My designs favor simplicity, allowing for the appreciation of fine materials and clean craftsmanship.

There are many variables in creating a custom guitar and I work closely with each client to discuss the many possibilities. I often take measurements from their guitars to match neck profile, string spacing, and scale length to provide a starting point from which to expand. The collaboration between customer and maker is very rewarding and ensures the feel and function of each instrument is suited to the individual.

Our new workshop is located in Easthampton, MA in the Eastworks building, surrounded by a community of artists and small businesses.  You are welcome to come by to discuss any repair work, a custom guitar, or just a visit!