Tyondai Braxton in Battles and “Listen to This” with Alex Ross

Tyondai Braxton has been one of my favorite musicians since I first saw him play in Hartford, CT back around 2000. He consistantly brings super high energy to his performances and does more things on stage at once than seems humanly possible.

In 2005 I built him the guitar that has toured the world with his solo material and with Battles, the avant-rock “super group” known for live looping of voice, guitars, and keyboards. There are many unique things about this instrument even though at a quick glance it would appear to be a straight up jazzmaster copy. It’s neck angle is increased to allow for a tuneomatic bridge and stop tailpiece, and a I made a custom mute bar that can be quickly accessed to dampen the strings slightly for his left hand tapping, while playing keyboards with his right.¬†Along with the humbuckers, the wiring is quite different from your typical jazzmaster. I hope to feature this guitar in future posts but for now here’s a couple of video’s showing Tyondai’s musical versatility while performing on his Healy.

The first video features Tyondai just destroying it with Battles:

In this one he’s in a much more subdued roll in “Listen to This” with Alex Ross. These passages have a nice clear tone, and show the guitar close-up. You might just learn something too.

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