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Re-furbished Jazz Bass

Last month I cleaned up this 70’s Fender Jazz Bass. It suffered from the usual neglect, having sat unplayed on a stand for nearly 15 years. The frets had been poorly leveled ages ago and never re-crowned. That, coupled with a seriously fore bowed neck, left the action sky high and unplayable past the 10th fret. The bridge pickup was also dead from either over tightening it downwards, thus bending the bobbin and tearing the fine winding, or from corrosion … continue reading

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Relic’d Fender Neck

A customer did some relic-ing himself on this Strat (purposefully making the guitar finish look worn or aged like an old guitar) but didn’t want to mess with the neck in fear of ruining the shape. I stripped the finish off the back of the neck and sprayed vintage amber lacquer over the heel and headstock to give it a warmer vintage hue to mimic aging. A final clear coat over the whole neck sealed the raw wood on the … continue reading

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