Re-furbished Jazz Bass

Last month I cleaned up this 70’s Fender Jazz Bass. It suffered from the usual neglect, having sat unplayed on a stand for nearly 15 years. The frets had been poorly leveled ages ago and never re-crowned. That, coupled with a seriously fore bowed neck, left the action sky high and unplayable past the 10th fret.

The bridge pickup was also dead from either over tightening it downwards, thus bending the bobbin and tearing the fine winding, or from corrosion from sitting so long. I sent it out to Lindy Fralin in Virginia for a proper re-wind. I like that they always ask for the ohm reading on the other pickup so they can wind it as close to original spec as possible. It really shows their commitment to authenticity.

While the pickup was out of the shop I adjusted the truss rod straight, leveled the problem frets, re-crowned them, and buffed them to a nice high gloss.The tarnish on the chrome hardware was easily cleaned up with some fine metal polish.

Before installing the re-wound pickup, I added some new foam under the pickup to bring it back up to the proper height under the strings. The old foam was totally hard and deteriorated. I sprayed the potentiometers with de-oxit and wired up the pickup.

I then strung up the bass with the original flat wound strings. Check out the awesome green silk! They sounded full and deep and intonated surprisingly well for being so old. The pickup re-wind came out great as well. The bass has a new life ahead of it, no longer relegated to furniture status.





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