• Stone Soup Concrete - Your source for amazing concrete countertops and floating Jersey barriers
  • BMW Ironworks - A great old fashioned blacksmith
  • NFG Cycles - Local bicycle maker with an awesome Bridgeport Mill
  • Gary Brawer Guitar and Bass Repair - My old workplace in SF, and the one of the best in the business.
  • Lauren Parent - My wife, studio mate, and artist.
  • The One AM Radio - "music about the feeling you get while driving home, fast, late at night, through half-empty streets"
  • Tyondai Braxton - amazing musician, former member of Battles, plays a Healy.
  • Shelter - North Carolina friends with design, sewing, and cabin building inclinations
  • New England Luthiers - An association of professionals and amateurs brought together by a common love of making stringed instruments