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Locally Made Guitars in Springfield

I have a guitar on view at the Museum of Springfield History in their exhibit “Sound and Beauty: Craftsmanship in Western Massachusetts.” It is a great honor to be part of this exhibit and to be on view next to two great makers, William Cumpiano and Brad Nickerson. I highly recommend checking out this show and all the other great things happening at the Springfield Museums. My most sincere thanks go to A. Seth Roberts for setting this show up with … continue reading

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Re-furbished Jazz Bass

Last month I cleaned up this 70’s Fender Jazz Bass. It suffered from the usual neglect, having sat unplayed on a stand for nearly 15 years. The frets had been poorly leveled ages ago and never re-crowned. That, coupled with a seriously fore bowed neck, left the action sky high and unplayable past the 10th fret. The bridge pickup was also dead from either over tightening it downwards, thus bending the bobbin and tearing the fine winding, or from corrosion … continue reading

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The One AM Radio

Here’s The One Am Radio’s song “Accidents” from the new movie Save the Date. Hrishikesh Hirway is the lead singer and primary songwriter of The One AM Radio, and his Healy guitar gets a little screen time here. It’s the first set neck mahogany guitar that I made, with a Lollar P-90 in the neck position. He also scored the music to the film. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing and hearing it all. Might as well head over to their … continue reading

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Relic’d Fender Neck

A customer did some relic-ing himself on this Strat (purposefully making the guitar finish look worn or aged like an old guitar) but didn’t want to mess with the neck in fear of ruining the shape. I stripped the finish off the back of the neck and sprayed vintage amber lacquer over the heel and headstock to give it a warmer vintage hue to mimic aging. A final clear coat over the whole neck sealed the raw wood on the … continue reading

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MELOBAR: bridge and nut adjustments

An interesting project came in a while back. The instrument is called a MELOBAR, a lap steel style slide-guitar with a canted fretboard to allow for easier playing both seated and standing with a strap. David Lindley is known for playing one in his project El Rayo-X. They were designed by Walt Smith of CA in the late 60’s, and this one seems to have been made in the late 70’s. The string spacing and string height was all out … continue reading

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An Intonated Ebony Bridge

A customer recently came in wanting to put replace his standard tuneomatic bridge with an intonated ebony saddle from a floating bridge. Most acoustic archtop guitars have a floating bridge made of wood, which can impart a rounder, more “woody” tone than a metal bridge. This Gibson has a solid wood center block so that the bridge posts could be drilled straight into the top, allowing for a lower neck angle and eliminating the wood bridge base. The hole spacing … continue reading

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Here’s a Tenor Guitar that I completed yesterday. It has a 22.75″ scale length and is currently tuned CGDA. Pine Body, Mahogany Neck, Indian Rosewood Fretboard, Ebony head cap, Bone Nut, 4 pole and 8 pole Mini-humbucker’s handmade in NYC by Lisa Hahn, Vintage 50’s Tenor tailpiece (most likely from a Harmony), Fishman Piezo Bridge, Volume for each Pickup and master Tone with a Push/Push pot for Coil Splitting. “Off the Gun” vintage style finish by Ryan Welcome of West … continue reading

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Year One

Well, the first year of having my own shop was a success in many ways. I’ve built 5 guitars (and have 2 more not far behind) and repaired ton’s or instruments. I will be updating the blog more often from here on out, and have a lot of photos to share. Thanks to all of you that have helped make this year a success. The photos below show the FIRST guitar built in the Easthampton shop. It is a parlor … continue reading

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Getting some local press!

Over the past week repair work has been picking up and now I’ve gotten a boost from the Easthampton Gazette. It has been great meeting my new clients and getting to work on an interesting array of instruments. A beautiful 1956 Tele has even graced the bench in the last week for a new bone nut. The parlor acoustic is about a week away from being ready for finish so things are really coming together after a crazy winter transitioning … continue reading

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Tyondai Braxton in Battles and “Listen to This” with Alex Ross

Tyondai Braxton has been one of my favorite musicians since I first saw him play in Hartford, CT back around 2000. He consistantly brings super high energy to his performances and does more things on stage at once than seems humanly possible. In 2005 I built him the guitar that has toured the world with his solo material and with Battles, the avant-rock “super group” known for live looping of voice, guitars, and keyboards. There are many unique things about … continue reading

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